Grade 5 Celebration & Parade 5/27/20

Get Ready To CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!
We will be celebrating our 5th grade students on May 27th! Although we cannot host our traditional clap out event, we believe that our 5th grade parade will be a huge hit for our students! I will be sending out a separate newsletter with all the details but I have also listed information below! Hope to see you there!!

5th grade students: Begin creating a poster or two for your car! Put your name and a picture on it, decorate it any way you want. You MUST remain in your car and you MAY NOT sit on the window ledges in the car. ONE CAR PER STUDENT IN PARADE!

Parade Participants:

Fifth Grade students, parents and teachers meet on THIRD street near the old factories. Enter town on EAST street, turn right onto THIRD St, and keep traveling east until you see the old factories. MEET at 6:45 pm. Please remain in your car and enter the parade lineup.The parade will make it's way through town starting at 7 pm

Parade Viewers:

The following rules must be adhered to for the safety of our community.

1. NO approaching cars

2. Stay in your driveway to view the parade

3. No candy will be thrown

4.There must be an adult in the driveway with students

5. NO more than 10 people in a driveway

6. Practice social distancing

7. Scream loudly for our 5th graders!





Start in the 1000 block of Third Street

West on Third St.

South (left) on Vine St.

West (right) on Fifth St.

South (left) on Eagle St.

East (left) on Sixth St.

South (right) on Vine St.

West (right) on South St.

South (left) on Plum St.

East (left) on New St.

South (right) on Vine St.

West (right) on Orchard St.

South (left) on High St.