Spring Fair Poet Winners 5/19/23

Congratulations to the 2023 Fair Poet Finalists and winners for the Fair Poet Spring poetry contest. This is our seventh annual poetry contest. Over 100 poems were submitted, grades 6-12. All finalists did a wonderful job presenting their poems on May 19th during a school-wide assembly in the Branthoover Auditorium.

Middle School Fair Poet Finalists - grades 6-8
Anthony Sullivan - 1st place - $100
Nicholas Merson - 2nd place - $50
Nathan Werner - 3rd place - $25 
Cristian Mendoza - 4th place 
Olivia Fiebig - 5th place 
High School Fair Poet Finalists: 
Parker Malkamaki - 1st place - $175
Maverrick Piotrowski - 2nd place - $100 
Gaia Catalano - 3rd place - $50 
Catie McBride - 4th place 
Hannah McCauley - 5th place
Fair Poet sponsor and FHS Alum Hank Werronen also presented four honorable mention awards to the following students:
Brooklyn Butchino - 7th grade - $50 
Izzy Wood - 10th grade - $50
Angela Fornes - 11th grade - $50
Charlie Holbrooks - 11th grade - $50
A big Skipper Thank you to Diesel Cueni and Charlie Holbrooks for hosting the assembly. 
We would like to thank our Fair Poet committee, judges, teachers, secretaries, and our sound, light and video crew for making this program successful. 
Congrats again to all the Fair Poet Finalists.

The following Fair Poet Finalists read their poems.

Grades 6-8 Fair Poet Finalists
Olivia Fiebig (8th)             “Trapped in Time”
Cristian Mendoza (8th)    “Evolution”     
Nicholas Merson (8th)    “The Book”
Anthony Sullivan (8th)    “Isolated Nature”    
Nathan Werner (6th)     “What we Were and What we can Become”

Fair Poets  
Grades 9-12 Fair Poet Finalists
Gaia Catalano        “My Present Future”          
Parker Malkamaki    “An Ode to my Sister Quinn”
Caitie McBride          “All Good Things Must Come  to an End”
Hannah McCauley    “The Moment”      
Maverrick Piotrowski   “Inspired….. Defeated…. Resurrected”

For more info on The Fairpoet Contest and History click here.