Treasurer for a day 2/1/23

Treasurer for a Day

Autumn Hutter and Hannah McCauley were chosen to go shadow the Lake County Treasurer, Dr. Michael Zuren for a day. Read about their experiences below!


Autumn and I went to shadow the Lake County Treasurer. We toured the office in the morning and got to meet the staff who worked there, everyone was really welcoming. We went on a bank run where we had to be escorted by the police. We got introduced to two of the commissioners of Lake County. At the end of the day, Autumn and I attended a meeting about opioids and the effect they have on the community.


Hannah and I really enjoyed the time we got to spend with the Lake County Treasurer. We got to do the bank run, which entailed us going to the bank and riding in the back of a cop car. It was a great experience and we got to see how nice and outgoing our Lake county treasurer is. We also got to meet the Lake county commissioners which was also a great experience!