Fairport Students participate in LEAF's Singing in The Rain 2022/2023

LEAF is the first organization in Ohio to adopt The Umbrella Project, it is a non-profit, global children's art initiative. Its mission is to teach students that they can make a difference in their world through art and engineering by using a recent, relevant and impactful theme that influences others and inspires creativity. Art students paint on white umbrellas with non-toxic waterproof fabric pigment markers, shading their artistic images with the community. Engineering students draft and create umbrella display prototypes that safely enhance the umbrella design. Together, the artistic creation impacts community engagement. Students gain self-esteem by knowing that the money raised with their one-of-a-kind artistic creations will fund a non-profit helping local students and families in their post-secondary journey. 
*This project also gives students a chance to win a scholarship towards college up to $1,000.