Rock Hall field trip 12/16/22

On Friday, December 16, Mr. Hites and Mr. Hlousek took a group of students to enjoy The Story of Early Hip Hop at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Students learned about the origins of Hip Hop from block parties in the Bronx, NY, with DJ Kool Herc, to the mixing and sampling that we hear today. Students got a chance to scratch records on turntables, play guitar, keyboard, and drums, and learn about all of the inductees in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. This was a great culminating activity for Mr. Hlousek’s Backbeat: A Musical Journey through American History class. Mr. Hites and Mr. Hlousek have been taking students each semester for the last 6 years and they enjoy it every year. They look forward to taking a new set of students next semester and taking advantage of the museum’s free education opportunities.