McKinley Students win Young Writers' Spooky Sagas Contest 12/2019

Image young writers


Congratulations are in order to our third and fifth grade students who entered the Young Writers'

Spooky Sagas Contest. A shout out also goes to Mrs. Koehler for entering the students and assisting them with their writings! Young Writers received 10,000 entries and McKinley Elementary had 36 students stories chosen for publication!! The students work will be published in Spooky Sagas 2019- Legends From Ohio. A copy of the book containing the students' work will be sent to The Library of Congress in Washington DC! Congratulation to:

Devin Elmore, Christian Dodd, Vincent Catri, Isabella Bustos, Makayla Powalie, Trevor Schaefer,Rosalie Mussig, Brooklyn Wyatt, Lilah Neff, Channing Delgado, Gavin Spaller, Kelsey McKinney, Ava Flerchinger, Mila Bacnik, Peyton Wilson,Elijah Mondville, Brody Rosenlund, Lucy McCauley, Vinny Phelps, Cole Claire, Sabella Burnett, Wesley Rich, Lisette Rigo, Hunter Wilson, Cienna Alvarez, Ella Adams, Grace Sutton, Naomi Jablonski, Deonnie Sentz, Jojo Burton, Kinley Metcalf, Abigail Lewis, Kyla Lester, Natalie Gliesman, Mason Gladding, Ben Fazekas