Works of Art for "Needs a Home" Book May 2019

Mrs. Toomey the high school art teacher collaborated with Susan Johnson/Lynch a local author who is writing a children's (7) book series called "Needs a Home". The basis of the series is that there were 7 animals in her life that needed homes so she adopted them as pets. The stories are fun and described the animals' personalities but they also teach the responsibilities of how to care for them. Susan chose 8 students' artwork to be in her books that should be released next year. These student's names will be acknowledged in the book credits and the students can include this publication on their resumes when they graduate. Congratulations to:
Maarika Haller, Matthew Oravecz, Jennifer Soria, Tierny Degidio, Morgan Braemer, Kiki Dambolena, Shyli Gibney and Kaylynn Clasing. Susan stated Kaylynn Clasing had the most illustrations chosen and her professional quality drawings included all 7 of the animals. Susan also mentioned how much she liked Tyler Clasing's sheep drawing, and she may end up using it!
Thank you to all students who participated and Mrs. Toomey for coordinating this opportunity for our students. Look for "Needs a Home" children's book series by Susan Johnson/Lynch next year.

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