PBIS Olympic Day 2/22/19

Fairport Harding hosted its 3rd Annual Olympic Day competition on Friday, February 22.  As always, the competition started with the world famous lip sync contest with the theme of, “Time.”  The teachers began the competition with their rendition of MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This.  There was a standing ovation as they danced their way out of the gym.  Mr. JJ Luster and Mr. Tim Hlousek kept the crowd excited with their unique hosting style for the event.  In between each of the lip sync performances, there were bonus dance competitions including the Chicken Dance and the Whip and Nae Nae, which was dominated by English teacher, Mrs. Sandra Knight.  After the lip sync, which was won by the senior team of Breanna Cremeans and Shyan Apple and their rendition of Queen songs, the relay games began.

The relay games began with the world-famous balloon pop.  Following that, the crowd got excited for the human Hungry Hungry Hippo event, which included a student getting pushed on a scooter while scooping up balls in a laundry basket.   It was a fast and furious competition that the crowd couldn’t get enough of. Following that, students raced while balancing ping pong balls on spoons. Overall, it was a great afternoon of fun and camaraderie.  

After our official scorekeeper, Mr. Nathan Yaussy tallied all of the scores, the sophomores came out as the champions.  They will have bragging rights for the whole year. Once again, Olympic Day was a huge success. PBIS Team 2 would like to thank our unbiased judges, Mrs. Anna Coll, Mrs. Mary Javins, and Mrs. Becky Darida, as well as our scorekeeper, Mr. Nathan Yaussy.  Also a huge shout out to DJ Chris Ruzin. Their help was critical in making it a great day for everyone. The team would also like to thank the following businesses for making generous donations to allow each of our students to wear t-shirts that designated what class they were a part of:


Harvey’s Farm Market


Fairport Harbor Academic Boosters


Rich Lanes

olympic rings