Fish Fry November 5, 2018


November 5, 2018, The Fairport Harbor School District held a Community Fish Fry to celebrate the success of the Hooked On Education, Personalized Learning Program.  Students spent the fall fishing with Dave Hall of Top Flight Fishing Charters. Captain Dave Hall put the kids on fish and they limited out on every charter. During each fishing charter, the boat was the classroom!  Students then cleaned the fish and it was stored until the fish fry. The day of the fish fry the students took to the kitchen to bread the fish. Joe Longo and Catering To You, once again, volunteered their catering truck, donated all of the salad, dressing, and french fries for our community event.  They fried all of the fish and fries and are a great partner to Fairport Schools. We appreciate Chris Yano from the Fairport Harbor Senior Center, who opened her doors to us and helped with every detail. There is no one like Chris Yano, she works diligently and with a warm smile for everyone. A huge thank you to Chris Yano, Joe Longo & Glenn, Captain Dave Hall and everyone in the community that supports our school.


The students in the design lab worked hard to make this night a success, they set up, cleared tables, took out the trash, washed dishes and served drinks!  It is great to see such delightful young people giving back to the community. Some students are part of Hooked On Education and did most of the fishing. Other students in the personalized learning lab participated in activities with Hooked On Salsa!  Students worked last spring planting vegetables in the community garden, they weeded and watered all summer and then harvested in the fall. They then went to work with a Chef to plan their salsa recipes. They made all of the salsa, packaged and even did the artwork on the labels.  Salsa sales were phenomenal and most varieties sold out well before the event ended, samples were provided! If you were lucky enough to try the fried green tomatoes, the Hooked On Salsa students also cleaned, sliced and canned them for the fish fry.