Lake Erie College, Fairport Harbor School District forge early college partnership 8/17/19 News-Herald

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Students attending Fairport Harbor School District will have an opportunity to fast-track their education as the 2019-20 school commences.

The potential acceleration comes thanks to a partnership brokered between the district and Lake Erie College in Painesville to provide an Early College in High School program to students attending Fairport Harding High School.

Through the use of the state’s College Credit Plus program, students can earn up to 30 college credits at LEC while still attending high school. Students participating in the program will also be able to access LEC resources.

An LEC news release highlights potential academic advising, careers services, and student counseling in collaboration with Fairport Harbor schools personnel who will meet regularly with students to ensure they are maintaining sufficient progress toward Early College completion.

This program will also offer priority access for students who may be underrepresented regarding post-secondary education completion and those who are economically disadvantaged.

LEC educators like Dean to the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics John Tedesco are excited for the collaboration.

“I view supporting local and regional education as a top priority for the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics," Tedesco said. "This is an opportunity for us to work closely with a local school to provide an excellent educational opportunity that will be a benefit to the students and our immediate community.”

It’s an enthusiasm shared by Fairport Superintendent Domenic Paolo.

“Lake Erie College provides the type of caring and supportive learning environment that is essential for assuring success for all students; I am proud that this partnership is available to my students and faculty,” he said in a news release.

Bryan DePoy, senior vice president for academic affairs for LEC, appreciates the streamlined transition from high school to higher education that the program facilitates.

“This partnership will enable students to gain a valuable and rigorous academic experience, and accelerate their path to degree attainment,” he said. “For motivated and dedicated high school students, we are seeking to facilitate and personalize the transition to the Lake Erie College higher education experience.”

DePoy draws contrast between their arrangement with Fairport and other similarly structured early college credits programs.

“While we offer CCP opportunities to several schools, this partnership is different in that students simultaneously earn credit toward high school graduation and college credit for LEC," he said. "In addition, we have built into the agreement access to resources, such as academic support, career preparation and development personnel, and our academic advisers.

“For those students who qualify, we are seeking to have as blended of an experience as possible," he added. "We are eager to use this agreement to explore specific degree pathways while still in high school, and our current efforts have involved primarily the sciences and education, but we hope to explore other opportunities.”

Fairport Harding students are advised to schedule an appointment with their guidance counselor for more information.