Devin Allen - Pugsley


My name is Devin Allen. I am 14. I have been going to Fairport since the 4th grade and now I am in 8th soon to be a freshman. I love Fairport. I feel so welcomed. My favorite thing about Fairport is the band and drama club. I am in the band for the football season and then in the drama club for the winter. This year I was in the musical The Addams Family. I played the character, Pugsley Addams. I loved playing this role because Pugsley Addams is just like me as a person. He is childish, he is crazy and funny, and likes having a good time. He also loves his family but his sister the most. That's why when he thinks that he is going to lose his sister he tries to make her evil with his grandmother's potion, but things take an awful turn but it all comes together in the end. This is all like me. I am all of this. I love my sisters, I am crazy and love to have a good time.