Performance Audit

May 11, 2021 Performance Audit released by Keith Faber, Auditor of State

To the Fairport Harbor Exempted Village School District community,  

The Auditor of State’s Office recently completed a performance audit for the Fairport Harbor  Exempted Village School District (the District). The District was selected for a performance audit based on its projected financial condition. This review was conducted by the Ohio  Performance Team and provides an independent assessment of operations within select functional areas. The performance audit has been provided at no cost to the District through state funds set aside to provide analyses for districts that meet certain criteria, including conditions that would lead to fiscal distress.  

This performance audit report contains recommendations, supported by detailed analysis, to enhance the District’s overall economy, efficiency, and/or effectiveness. This report has been provided to the District and its contents have been discussed with the appropriate elected officials and District management. The District has been encouraged to use the recommendations contained in the report and to perform its own assessment of operations and develop alternative management strategies independent of the performance audit report.  

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performance audit image