W.R. Branthoover

W. R. Branthoover (1950 – 1985) came to Fairport as an English teacher in 1950 and served FHS for the next thirty-five years. He became Principal in 1952 and served in that position for 33 years. His academic venture began in a one room school and upon graduating from high school in 1945 he entered the U.S.Navy Reserves and served on the Aircraft Carrier - the U.S.S. Leyte. He received a B.A. degree from Denison University in Granville, Ohio and a M.A. degree from Columbia University in New York. Additional academic work was pursued at William and Mary College. Over the years he was very active in civic, fraternal, genealogical and historical organizations. He served the Fairport Library Board for 40 years. His most cherished memories are in the success of so many Fairport Harding High graduates.

W.R. Branthoover Interview

Interviewed: Margaretta M. Branthoover (Wife)

Q1: Tell me about W.R Branthoover.

A: “He absolutely loved teaching and being a principal, he loved all of his students and did that for 35 years.”

Q2: What was his time like at Fairport?

A: “It was great, everyone was very supportive.”

Q3: Did he participate at any other schools?

A: “Not teaching wise, but he went to Dennison University.”

Q4: What jobs did he fulfill throughout his life?

A: “After high school he went into the Navy, went through college, he taught for 1 ½ years and then became a principal.”

Q5: Did he like being involved in the community?

A: “Yes, very much so. He was a member of the civic club and he was always helping out. There was never a night where he was not involved.”

Q6: What did he like so much about Fairport?

A: “The people were always so nice, all the families were so supportive. Most importantly, the children, he loved every single minute with them.”
This interview was conducted by Hannah Babbitt. Hannah is a freshman at Fairport. She enjoys playing volleyball and softball.