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Mrs. Kristine Basiger


5th Grader Thalia Arcos-Arredondo Nominating Mrs. Basiger

Hello! Today I am going to write about the teacher who inspired me to do what I do now. My teacher who I had for 2 years is Mrs. Basiger. She inspired me, but how? Well, I’m about to tell you. The first thing is, she gave me a book when I was in 1st grade, which led me to love reading. I carried it with me almost everywhere I went. I finished reading all the stories in there, even the ideas and definitions that were in there. The second thing is she inspired me to learn many facts, for example, learn my fifty states, the three ships that Columbus sailed, and many more. Now, thanks to her, I know a lot of facts. The third and last thing she inspired me to do is keep on going. Never give up. Find a way. Try everything. She really did inspire me. Thanks to Mrs. Basiger I know a lot of facts and now I am a person who admires learning every day, thanks to Mrs. Basiger. I am so glad I moved to Fairport and met the #1 best teacher I could have ever had. I admire everything about her. She taught me how to be not nice, but very kind, and smart. Even though she doesn’t teach me anymore, I still have her voice in mind. Thanks to Mrs. Basiger, I am the person who I am now.