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Mr. David Daw


5th Grader Michael Hess Nominating Mr. Daw

There are lots of people who have inspired me throughout my elementary school experience. Every teacher I've had has inspired me, more and more every year. But there's one person who has inspired me more than any other. His name is Mr. Daw, my 4th grade teacher. Not only is Mr. Daw a phenomenal teacher, but also he is an amazing person too. Here are a few things he's inspired me to do.

He's inspired me so much I'm not sure where to start. He inspired me to do better in just about every subject there is. But mainly he helped me with science. When I started 4th Grade I was kind of into science, but after I had Mr. Daw, I loved it! Now it's my favorite subject, and probably the one I do best in. He really helped me love science.

You may be wondering how he inspired me so much. Well here's an explanation. Since he loved science too, we sometimes got off topic talking about it, all kinds of science. Space, animals, landforms, the immune system, plants, current events, and so much more! We also did lots of experiments too. He even let us come in at WIN to do science projects, so we could learn more ourselves. One of my favorite experiments was done near the beginning of the year. The activity was a STEAM project that made you use your creative thinking skills and really jump start your brain by trying to make a stand for a golf ball from paper, tape, and scissors. That's how he inspired me with science, but that's certainly not all he inspired me to do.

He inspired me to do better in all subjects, as I said earlier. Here are a few: He helped me to love math as well. He did this by explaining everything very thoroughly on the board. He really made it easy to understand and even showed us some magic tricks to do using math. He even inspired me in social studies. He really gave us very in-depth lessons about Native Americans, governments, and loads more. He even had us simulate a presidential election on the board to show us about the different parties and reasons people are motivated to vote for one person or the other. He even showed us how stocks work and how they decide who has control of the company. He really inspired me in social studies as well.

As you can see, Mr. Daw is truly an outstanding teacher, and a great person with a great personality and sense of humor. He always found ways to make me laugh and truly did inspire me. I know that I wasn't the only one inspired. I'm sure most of my class was too. I also know he inspired the class before mine and the classes after mine, and will continue this until he's done teaching. Mr. Daw really inspired me to be a better student, and to be a better person as a whole. I loved every day of 4th grade because of him and I loved having him as a teacher.