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Mr. Ed Reed


Senior Brenna Lorek Nominating Ed Reed

I have had so many people in my life that have inspired me, to choose one is very difficult. I have been inspired by my family, teachers, coaches, and many people in our community. The one Coach, who inspired me the most however, is my coach Ed Reed. I met Coach Reed at church before I came to Fairport Harbor and really liked him them. Then I began attending Fairport Harding High School and a fantastic journey began with Coach Reed as my coach in basketball, softball and he even did a stint in volleyball this year.

Coach Reed has always been a very supportive man. Throughout all of the time I have been at Fairport he has pushed me to be the best athlete I can and also pushed me to keep my grades up and make my academics come first. If I ever needed time for schoolwork he always let me have it and never complained. I also loved that he kept a positive relationship with my family because they are very important to me and that really affected my performance on the court or field.

Coach Reed inspired me never to give up on myself. If I got frustrated with how I was playing a game, or just having a bad day he always inspired me to believe in myself and not get down on myself. That was so important to me as a young female athlete and will stay with me always. He also helped me learn that if I made a bad play or an error I needed to get over it quickly because if I didn't than I would probably have another bad play since I was focusing my error on instead of the next play. It helped my self-confidence and taught me that I have to practice like I play, and the team can learn from me as much as I can learn from them.

Coach Reed always made me feel as if I was an important part of the team. Even when I was a freshman and still getting my bearings about high school sports he gave me the confidence to move ahead and improve by always having faith in me. I learned from him that attitude and sportsmanship are everything in life and athletics. Having a bad attitude affects everything about the game from how you play, how you treat your teammates and how you learn. Coach Reed also taught me the importance of giving to others and how good it makes me feel. He had me playing basketball at Broadmoor School, volunteering at food banks, and those learning experiences inspired me to have the respect for myself that I needed to become a leader. If I was feeling upset or frustrated with myself or someone else he let me get over it and talk about it until my attitude improved. I am not always going to have dedicated people like coach Reed in my life but I will always be thankful for things he taught me and the lessons I learned about myself and me teams from him. Thank You Coach Reed.