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Mr. Nathan Yaussy


Senior Stefani Hayne Nominating Mr. Yaussy

Of all the staff and administration at Fairport Harbor Harding High, I personally believe that Mr. Nathan Yaussy has been the utmost dedicated, conducive, and critical teachers within my academic career. Not only has he proven daily within my sophomore year in my biology class, but he has also proven with Fairport's Science Club, HPAC, the community of Fairport Harbor, and in each class, that the information he provides is not only crucial, invaluable, and applicable to everything within our universe as we know it, the behavior he displays in being able to guide us, allowing us to become more constructive, productive, and timely with our projects and assignments. Furthermore, Mr. Yaussy was honest, impartial, sympathetic, and forthright when it came to providing aid for students struggling, to display the blatant sexism and racism that has preceded our present history within the scientific community, to have our minds analyzing in light of new change, whether scientifically, politically, and globally. It was also Mr. Yaussy whom I found to express the most concern for his students, where concern was due. Furthermore, speaking with Mr. Yaussy over the course of that year has made me realized my own personal autonomy alongside his illumination of how far one individual can progress, how far a singular group can progress, and provide change within the community, as seen with the Fairport Community Garden. It was Mr. Yaussy who introduced me to Aquatic Ecology, and how that affects our particular environment, especially given not only Lake Erie, but also the wildlife living within it. It was Mr. Yaussy who has made it clear, time after time, is support of the LGBT population within Fairport Harbor. It was Mr. Yaussy who gave me the most support my sophomore year whilst I deliberated was to whether or not I should apply for the CCP program. Mr. and Mrs. Yaussy were both able to bring HPAC into FHHS, and that, alongside being able to independently participate within the Brain Bee and Northeast Ohio Medical University, is an opportunity that I will be forever humbly grateful for. In writing this, despite being a full time student at Lakeland Community College due to my participation within the College Credit Plus program, It is my hope that whoever may be critiquing these essays does not take into sole consideration the essay, nor the student who wrote, but the teacher who was and is an awe striking and propelling force for every student within these old hallways to spur them into a brilliant, prominent, and distinguished future.