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Mrs. Britany Wolosonovich

Inspiring Excellence

5th Grader Audrey Heller Nominating Mrs. Wolosonovich

Mrs. Wolosonovich is an inspiring teacher. She has made me a better person and has shaped me into the 5th grader I am today. She prepared me for the following grade and made me feel confident in myself. Mrs. Wolosonovich is a loving teacher and treats her pupils as if they are her own children. She constantly made learning enjoyable throughout the school year. She never let me give up and has made me a more dedicated student. Mrs. Wolosonovich taught me my foundation for school, which every student needs. She challenged me to set high goals and helped me to achieve them. Mrs. Wolosonovich is such an inspiring teacher.

Mrs. Wolosonovich has truly made me into the person I am today. She inspired me to express myself and not care what others thought. She taught me good work and study habits. Mrs. Wolosonovich teaches her students to always be kind and encourages them to be the best person they can possibly be. Mrs. Wolosonovich has inspired me to be the person I am today. 

Mrs. Wolosonovich has taught me the basics I needed for school. She reviewed all the material we needed to be successful at the next grade. She made sure every student had the knowledge of standard criteria and morel Mrs. Wolosonovich made her lessons fun and that made me excited for school. Mrs. Wolosonovich helps everyone to the best of her abilities.

Mrs. Wolosonovich has helped me achieve all of my goals. She teaches her students to persevere through their obstacles and to believe in themselves. Mrs. Wolosonovich also teaches students to push themselves to get better. "The sky is the limit.” Mrs. Wolosonovich believes anyone can do anything if they truly want to. Mrs. Wolosonovich teaches her students to achieve their goals.

Mrs. Wolosonovich has given me confidence in myself, which has prepared me to be successful in life and in the classroom. Mrs. Wolosonovich is motivational and very outgoing. She uses realistic situations to reinforce her lessons. Mrs. Wolosonovich made sure everyone was ready before moving onto the next more difficult lesson. Mrs. Wolosonovich prepared me and gave me confidence.

Mrs. Wolosonovich is caring and treats her students with both love and respect. She cares for each and every one of her students. She plans interesting lessons to keep her students entertained. Mrs. Wolosonovich involves her students and makes sure they understand the lessons. Mrs. Wolosonovich is caring for her students.

Mrs. Wolosonovich always made learning exiting and Intriguing. She made time for enjoyable activities during the day. Mrs. Wolosonovich always tried to find interesting ways to teach her class. Mrs. Wolosonovich spreads positivity throughout her classroom. Mrs. Wolosonovich made lessons extremely enjoyable.

Mrs. Wolosonovich made me a dedicated student and a hard worker. She taught me how to use my time wisely which helped eliminate unnecessary stress. She took time with individual students to work on their weaknesses: Mrs. Wolosonovich takes pride in making sure all students feel confident in both themselves and her lessons before the end of the year. Mrs. Wolosonovich never lets you give up as a student.

I think it is obvious why I choose to write this paper on Mrs. Wolosonovich, I truly believe her positive fun attitude helped establish me into the student I am today. She has effectively taught me how to manage my time in an effect manner so that I rarely feel the pressure of learning a new lesson. I would like to thank Mrs. Wolosonovich; for all that she has done especially for me and all of her other students.