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Our Band is Our Family

Currently, I am the alto saxophone section leader for Fairport Harbor Marching Band and Concert Band. I’ve been playing alto sax here since my fifth grade year. Band has made many contributions to me and my peers lives.

The College Entrance Examination Board has found that public school students involved in public school music programs score, on average, 107 points higher on SAT’s than students with no history in music. With that, students in band show a consistent high level of math proficiency. Arts involvement also teaches children many important skills needed to succeed in life, including problem solving, decision making, self-confidence, self-discipline, responsibility, teamwork, informed perception and creating a goal or a vision for themselves.

Aside from the educational aspect, band plays a huge part in my life. With a small school, comes a small band but I would never change it. I grew up with the band behind me 110% and I have made bonds with people that could last for the rest of my life. They’re my family. This includes my band director, Mr. Ruzin. He has been my music teacher since Kindergarten and he has really been there for me since day 1. He tries to make practices and rehearsals to fit with our busy schedule and understands external issues and problems we have. Through the years, I have obtained deep connections with some of my band mates and I do everything with them. We go out to lunch, go shopping together and can just talk for hours on end with no interruption. Band has made me who I am and I’m happy with being me.

By Alyssa Smith, Freshman Alto Sax Player