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Mr. Russ Messer

stu·dent – noun - stü-dənt, -1) scholar, learner; especially: one who attends a school. 2) one who studies: an attentive and systematic observer. 3) one who gains knowledge, comprehension, or understanding through experience or study.

teach·er – noun -tē-chər-1) one that imparts knowledge or skill to; especially: one whose occupation is to instruct.

(Parts from both definitions taken from Merriam-Webster and American Heritage dictionaries)

You, the student, are the most important factor in the learning process. You can learn without me, the teacher, but I can't teach without you, the student.

All things are relative to the observer, to their perspectives, to their knowledge, to their experiences.  Science allows us to increase our understanding of things by changing our perspectives, expanding our knowledge, and increasing our experiences. 

I obtained my M.S. & B.S. degrees in Physics, I have 12 years teaching experience, 12 years research experience, 5 years manufacturing experience, and lifelong learning experience.