Early College and Career Readiness

  • Fairport Harbor Exempted Village Schools Early College Program provides students with the unique opportunity to take college classes along with their regular high school curriculum. We partner with Lakeland Community CollegeLake Erie College and Auburn Career Center with articulated sharing of space and staff. This program allows high school students to gradually integrate into college coursework through his or her traditional high school degree plan.

    Read more about our Early College Credit Plus Program here. For more information, call 440-354-5400. 

    Check with Mrs. Jurick for more information about these upcoming college visits!


  • Innovation in art, social and stem learning

    We are innovators in our teaching and in our mentoring. Encourage the passion, critical thinking, communicaiton, creative thinking and collaboration. Schools in the 21st century need to incorporate a project-based curriculum aimed at engaging students in addressing real-world problems, issues important to humanity, and questions that matter to them. We as a nation have not paid enough attention to students’ willingness and ability to learn and how we should teach to their learning styles. As our students strive for excellence, I hope they understand that the word “education” has evolved right along with the twenty-first century student in its pursuit.

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  • Why Early College Acceleration?

    Over the last one hundred and fifty years, the world has dramatically changed; however American schools have not kept pace. We now live in a global society, more technologically advanced and diverse than our forefathers could have ever imagined. Our schools are changing very gradually, and improving as they change. The greatest difficulty lies in the fact that the rate of change in schools is inconsistent with the rate of change in the workplace and in developing nations. The low skilled factory jobs our schools were designed to fill, occupy an increasingly less significant proportion of the available employment. Thusly, our schools are in the awkward position of getting simultaneously better but further behind our emerging global competitors (Daggett 2008).

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  • It Begins With Teacher Development

    Time built into the school day for collaboration prepares teachers to transition from a dispenser of information to conduit for learning. Transforming the classroom and helping students turn information into knowledge, which can be applied to real world problems is the goal of our 21st century education. This will require the adoption of a “culture of inquiry”, moving far beyond mere information delivery.

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