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Information on Issue 3 Lower Taxes, Support Students

  • Why Issue 3?

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    ● The successful sale of our bonds means our local contribution is secure, and with
    the state match confirmed this past summer, we are ready to break ground in our
    new campus in 2023. The district still has to consider general operating
    expenses. This includes staffing, materials, and programming expenses, the real
    work of the public school. Facilities money can NOT be used for operational
    expenses by law.
    ● Issue 3 is a substitute levy; this allows school districts to combine multiple
    emergency levies. More importantly, combining these two levies will allow us to
    LOWER the tax rate to property owners by 1.5 mills annually. This tax relief will
    start immediately in the next tax cycle after passage.
    ● Voters benefit with an immediate annual savings of $52.50 a year on a $100,000

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  • What are the numbers?

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    ● The district currently has two emergency levies, first passed in 2008 and 2010
    with a millage rate of 4.93 and 6.52 mills, respectively. These two levies generate
    $790,000 annually for our schools and represents a significant percentage of our
    operating capital.
    ● Our substitute levy would combine these two emergency levies at a millage rate
    of 11.45 mills into a continuous levy at a millage rate of 9.95 mills. Collection at
    this lower rate would start immediately after the successful passage of Issue 3.
    ● Were Issue 3 not to pass, we would still pursue renewal of the existing emergency
    levies but will not be able to modify millage, they would have to stay at the
    original rate.

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  • What is the need for Issue 3?

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    ● Passage of Issue 3 will ensure we have the resources and staffing we need to
    actively pursue continuous improvement and secure programs like International
    Baccalaureate, Early College and Career initiatives, and continue the policy of,
    “no pay to participate.”
    ● The past two years have witnessed a significant improvement in the financial
    outlook of our district. Our current five-year financial projection has the district
    generating a financial safety net. The passage of this substitute levy and a continued conservative approach to spending may make this the last financial ask from the community for quite a while.

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  • If you can afford to give money back, why not just bank the extra?

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    The district does have a financial safety net in place that includes a policy of 60-days
    operating costs held in savings at all times. We are proud of the work that put us in the
    position to give back while continuing to serve.

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  • If you have money and the library needs money why not just give them money?

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    Since its creation, the public library and the school have shared a common mission and
    have had a positive and productive relationship. The school offers the library financial
    support by charging $1 for an annual lease and providing maintenance and utilities at
    no additional charge. While approved by the school board, the library board operates
    independently regarding staffing and material investments. It’s these operating
    expenses that the library is looking to expand.

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  • I thought the state match was higher than anticipated for the new buildings?

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    An important distinction in school finance is operating expenses vs facility expenses.
    Every dollar that moves through our district is audited and its use is defined. Federal
    dollars are spent on federal programs, and grant dollars support identified objectives.
    While we have secured a generous state investment in our new buildings, those dollars
    can’t fund day-to-day operations.

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    • Lower Taxes, Support Students: Thank you for your support on Nov. 8th.

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  • Lower Taxes, Support Students: Thank you for your support on Nov. 8th.