Fairport Harbor Exempted Village School District - An Early College District

  • Thank you for choosing Fairport Harbor Schools for open enrollment! Below you will find our application and the board policies. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 440-354-5400.
  • Open Enrollment Overview

    Fairport Harbor Exempted Village Schools accepts transfers from other school districts through open enrollment. Students from school districts throughout Ohio (not just surrounding school districts) may apply for open enrollment into Fairport Harbor Exempted Village Schools. All open enrollment guidelines must be met before approval is granted. Students will be notified in writing in June if their application has been approved or denied.

    General Open Enrollment Guidelines and Information:

    • Submitting an open enrollment application does NOT guarantee approval.
    • Open enrollment is based on space availability in a particular grade or school as well as program requirements.
    • Students expelled or transferred for disciplinary reasons by the student services office will be denied open enrollment.
    • Students who move out of the district during the year, but wish to remain in the district, must apply for open enrollment.
    • Transportation is not provided for students who open enroll.
    • Students with IEP’s need to submit a copy of the IEP.
    • Open enrolling in another school may affect a student’s athletic eligibility.
    • Once you have been accepted, we make every effort to continue your educational pathway here at FHEVS.

    Open Enrollment

    Now accepting open enrollment applications for the  2021-2022 School Year!  

    Click HERE to apply.  

    Fairport Exempted Village Schools

    329 Vine St.

    Fairport, OH 44077

    Email:  info@fhevs.org

    Fax:  440-357-1478

  • Please keep in mind that there is not a pay to play/participate fee in our district currently so your child/children will have plenty of opportunities to participate in athletics, band, theater, clubs, and much more with no fees if they are interested in these additional enrichment opportunities. 

    If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Dr. Domenic Paolo - Superintendent - dpaolo@fhevs.org

    Mrs. Katie Rumbarger - Harding JR/SR High Principal -krumbarger@fhevs.org

    Mrs. Heidi Elmore- McKinley Elementary Principal - HElmore@fhevs.org


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