Science Club

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    Written by Maya Hess

    Fairport Harding’s Science Club gives students from any grade 6-12 the opportunity to learn about science. Students get to choose a topic of their choice and with Mr.Yaussy’s help, they can conduct an experiment and take their projects to competitions where they can see other projects and meet fellow scientists. Mr. Yaussy is the teacher and director of the club. Mr. Yaussy brought the students participating in the club to Neomed for Scholar’s Day in 2015 and 2016, where they got to present issues with beach pollution and what they could do to help. They also have participated in educational lectures and have listened to guest speakers. Aleena Hess has been in science club for three years and said she really enjoyed it this year because she got to partner with the Fairport Harbor Fisheries Research Station for her science fair project. Aleena and partner, Nick Fazekas won first place with their fishery project at Fairport’s 2016 Science Fair. Any student interested has this opportunity and if you have any questions or concerns, contact Mr. Yaussy at