• Inquire about Drama Club in the high school office or email Drama Director Caitlyn Thompson at CThompson@fhevs.org

  • The Branthoover Auditorium is located at 329 Vine Street Fairport Harbor, Ohio

2023-2024 Drama Season

2022-2023 Drama Season

  • 2022-2023 Drama Season

    Director: Caitlyn Thompson


2021-2022 Drama Season

2020-2021 Drama

Theater Tribute by DeeDee Palmer Posted 5/20/20

2019-2020 Drama Season-Christmas Carol & Freaky Friday

2018-2019 The Odd Couple & Mamma Mia!

2017-2018 Steel Magnolias & The Addams Family

  • Steel Magnolias Photo Gallery

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  • Steel Magnolias Program

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  • Fairport Harding High School Theater Presents the Fall Play: Steel Magnolias

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  • Fairport Harbor Theater Department presents the Spring Musical: The Addams Family

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  • Don't miss the Addams Family Ancestors - March 16 - 18th - Branthoover Auditorium

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  • Meet the Beineke Family!

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  • Addams Family Program

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  • Addams Family Musical - Compass Pointe Photography Photobooth

    Check out the Addams Family Musical Photobooth - all photos courtesy of Compass Pointe Photography.

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  • Purchase your Addams Family T-Shirt Today!

    Click the image for more information on how you can get your own Addams Family T-shirt!

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  • Great job by the Entire Cast and Crew of The Addams Family!

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  • Behind the Scenes - Good job Crew!

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  • Gabby Palmer and Victoria Palmer recognized by Rotary on Monday, May 1st, 2017

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2016-2017 Barefoot In The Park & The Little Mermaid