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Drama Students visit Playhouse Square (12/2019)

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2019-2020 Drama Season-Christmas Carol & Freaky Friday

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Mamma Mia! Spring Musical Harding High School

  • Fairport Harbor Theater In The News Herald 11/15/18

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  • The Odd Couple-Female Version

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  • Fine Arts Award Banquet

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    Tuesday, MAY 8, 2018 6:30 PM PERRY HIGH SCHOOL One Success Blvd., Perry COME AND ENJOY THE EXCITEMENT! Contact: Anita Walters alwalters@yahoo.com 440-413-0700

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  • Addams Family Musical - Compass Pointe Photography Photobooth

    Check out the Addams Family Musical Photobooth - all photos courtesy of Compass Pointe Photography.

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  • Purchase your Addams Family T-Shirt Today!

    Click the image for more information on how you can get your own Addams Family T-shirt!

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  • Great job by the Entire Cast and Crew of The Addams Family!

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  • Behind the Scenes - Good job Crew!

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  • Meet the Beineke Family!

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  • Don't miss the Addams Family Ancestors - March 16 - 18th - Branthoover Auditorium

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  • Fairport Harbor Theater Department presents the Spring Musical: The Addams Family

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  • Fairport Harding High School Theater Presents the Fall Play: Steel Magnolias

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  • Gabby Palmer and Victoria Palmer recognized by Rotary on Monday, May 1st, 2017

    Gabby Palmer and Victoria Palmer won Rotary awards on Monday, May 1st for their recent roles in Fairport Harding's Drama Productions. Victoria Palmer won Best Female Support in a Drama/Comedy as Mrs. Ethel Banks in Barefoot in the Park. Gabby Palmer won Best Female Support in a Musical as Sebastian in The Little Mermaid.

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  • Congratulations to the following students nominated for a Mentor/Painesville Rotary Award

    In Alphabetical Order: Nick Fazekas, Michaela Hess, Everett Howard, Amanda Kazsmer, Gabby Palmer, Victoria Palmer, and Andrew Turner. The awards ceremony will take place at Mentor High School on May 1st at 6:30 pm. Good Luck to all the nominees!

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Check back soon for more Addams Family Bios! Coming Soon!

  • Dr. Erin Allen-Assistant Drama Director

    Dr. Erin Allen-Assistant Drama Director

    Erin Allen is the assistant drama director as well as a high school science teacher at Fairport Harding. She has previously choreographed for the Riverside High School Theatre Program, Geauga Lyric Theatre Guild, and the University of Iowa Youth Ballet. Her musical theatre stage credits include Victoria in Cats with Geauga Lyric Theatre Guild and a Hot Box Dancer in Guys and Dolls with Sillhouette Productions. She has also played in numerous pit orchestras for high school, college, and community theatre productions. Erin’s strength is in dance; she has taught ballet at the University of Iowa Youth Ballet, Showstoppers Baton and Dance School, and Fairport Harding Middle School.

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  • Aleena Hess

    Aleena Hess

    Aleena Hess is a senior at Fairport Harding High School. She has been involved in theatre since she was in middle school. Some of her past shows at Fairport include Finding the Right Answers, The Wizard of Oz, Annie, The Miracle Worker, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Sisu is in the Heart, Little Shop of Horrors, The Little Mermaid, Steel Magnolias, and The Addams Family. She has also been involved in productions at other theatres including Carousel at Rabbit Run Theatre, Godspell at Fairport Dance Academy, Almost Maine at Lake Erie College, and Mary Poppins with the Mt. Carmel Players. She loves performing as well as helping out backstage. Her favorite theatre memories at Fairport are getting to perform and with work her closest friends and having so much fun with them. Aleena has also been dancing at the Fairport Dance Academy since she was three and has been on the competition dance team since she was eight. She is also involved in the marching and concert band, cheerleading, science club, the academic challenge team, yearbook club, and National Honor Society. She plans to attend school at Florida Southern College with majors in marine biology and environmental science and minors in dance and theatre. She plans on one day becoming an aquatic veterinarian. She wants to continue pursuing theatre and dance by being a part of future productions and hopes to someday be a choreographer. She wants to thank everyone who has made her time in the Fairport Drama Club such a wonderful experience. She will miss you all and wishes you the best! Break a leg!

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  • Morgan Braemer

    Morgan Braemer

    I am an 8th grader and this was my first time doing crew for the school drama club. I enjoyed participating in crew and hope to do it again in the future.
    I have only participated in The Addams Family doing stage crew so far.
    Things I like to do in my spare time are Band (Clarinet), Volleyball, Softball, Robotics Club, and of course Theater.
    I want to hopefully go to art school in the future.

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  • Kelsey Murphy-Stage Crew for Addams Family & Steel Magnolias

    Kelsey Murphy-Stage Crew for Addams Family & Steel Magnolias

    My name is Kelsey Murphy. I am in 7th grade.
    A little bit about myself-I like to talk to my friends, come to school, and draw and paint
    Shows I have participated in- I have participated in Steel Magnolias as stage hands and had helped with The Addams Family as stage hands.
    Things I have participated in- I have gone to camp since 2017 and Middle School Mission Week at a local church
    Other things i participate in- Other things I participate in is that i go to youth group and be a junior leader in a summer day camp.
    Future aspirations- I would like to go to University of Minnesota and would like to help with people with special needs.

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  • Nora Rock-Uncle Fester

    Nora Rock-Uncle Fester

    Nora Rock has been doing theater for 6 years now. She has been in multiple productions at many theatres. Her favorite include Anything Goes at Geauga Theatre. Honk! at Alphabet theatre where she starred as Queenie. It's All Greek To Me at Wildwood, and The Addams Family at Fairport. She has been acting since a young age and has juggled doing sports, clubs, and theater at the same time. Once she became more serious with her acting, she decided to drop most of her extra-curricular activities and devote most of her time to theater. As of now, Nora is in track, vocal lessons, and robotics club. Since the Addams Family ended, Nora has been auditioning at many theatres for her next show. Although, in June she is going to be in another show at Wildwood. Nora would like to make acting a part of her future career. She hopes to become a professional actress, she would also like to get a medical degree just in case her acting doesn't follow through. In conclusion, theater is very fun and everyone should try it. You may have seen her in the shows listed below.
    Nora Rock’s Acting History
    -The Addams Family-Uncle Fester at Fairport High School Theater, Directed By JJ Luster 2018
    -Honk!-Queenie at Alphabet Theater, Directed by Jill & Bob Pappenhagen 2017
    -The Emerald Of Alcazar-Holmes, Countess Louisa Thompson Theater, Directed by: Nadia Wheeler 2017
    -Mission Implausible at Wildwood Theater Camp, Directed by: Steve Couch 2017
    -The Little Mermaid-Scuttle & Mersister at Fairport Schools Theater-Directed by Johnathan Luster 2017
    -Anything Goes-Reporter at Geauga Theater, Directed by: Lisa-Marie French 2017
    -Wonder Woman-Nubia, Queen of Amazon, Her Ideas in Motion film, Directed by Miriam Bennet 2016
    -Dastardly Deeds of Dusty Ditch at Wildwood Theater Camp- Directed by Steve Couch 2016
    -Journey to Slap Happy World, Wildwood Theater Camp-Directed by Steve Couch 2015
    -All Greek To Me, Wildwood Theater Camp, Directed by Steve Couch 2014

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  • Audrey Heller - an Ancestor

    Audrey Heller - an Ancestor

    I’m Audrey Heller, and in the play, I was an ancestor. As an ancestor, you were able to pick out what personality your person was and I chose dramatic. It was personally my first play and it was a really great experience for me. After the show, my whole grade still sings the songs and does the “Addams family pose.” The instructors were very nice and they really helped out when it came to anything. I like to dance in my free time so if you want to try something new, definitely try to act. Overall, I really enjoyed being in the play and would definitely do it again.

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  • Charlie Beardslee - an Ancestor

    Charlie Beardslee - an Ancestor

    Hello, my name is Charlie Beardslee. I've been in two plays and the latest play was The Addams Family. I was an ancestor. My favorite subject is math. I like basketball and dancing.

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  • Charlie Holbrooks - an Ancestor

    Charlie Holbrooks - an Ancestor

    My name is Charlie Holbrooks. I am 10 years old, and I’m a 6th grader. I really like being in plays because the teamwork that goes into it makes everyone feel like family. You get really close when you’re in Drama Club. I have been in 4 plays, Oklahoma!, Sisu Is In the Heart, Little Mermaid, and Addams Family. I was an Ancestor, and it was great because we got to chose our ancestor’s character. Drama Club is super fun, and I encourage people to join. Thanks. :)

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  • Devin Allen - Pugsley

    Devin Allen - Pugsley

    My name is Devin Allen. I am 14. I have been going to Fairport since the 4th grade and now I am in 8th soon to be a freshman. I love Fairport. I feel so welcomed. My favorite thing about Fairport is the band and drama club. I am in the band for the football season and then in the drama club for the winter. This year I was in the musical The Addams Family. I played the character, Pugsley Addams. I loved playing this role because Pugsley Addams is just like me as a person. He is childish, he is crazy and funny, and likes having a good time. He also loves his family but his sister the most. That's why when he thinks that he is going to lose his sister he tries to make her evil with his grandmother's potion, but things take an awful turn but it all comes together in the end. This is all like me. I am all of this. I love my sisters, I am crazy and love to have a good time.

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  • Miles Merchak - Stage Crew for The Addams Family

    Miles Merchak - Stage Crew for The Addams Family

    My name is Miles Merchak and my role was stage crew. This was my first play and I helped with painting. I am the little brother of Collin which I call him Bubba. I had a lot of fun helping paint. I hope I can do another one.

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  • Maya Hess-Ancestor & Moon

    Maya Hess-Ancestor & Moon

    I am Maya Hess, I am 14 years old and am in 9th grade. Drama has always been a vital part of my life ever since I joined Fairport Schools. My first show was The Wizard of Oz, directed by Joe Fath. I was a puppeteer for Sisu is in the Heart, directed by Park Cofield. I was an eel, mersister, sailor, and seagull in Mr. Luster’s The Little Mermaid along with taking a part in Steel Magnolias and The Addams Family. My favorite role I have ever played was Shelby Eatenton in Steel Magnolias last year. I saw a lot of Shelby in myself and a lot of myself in Shelby. I have never felt as much of a connection with a character I’ve played like I did with her. It was so exciting playing somebody who reminded me of myself and it was my first lead role! All of my productions have been with the Fairport Drama Club but I plan on extending my theatrical experience into community theatre as well. I loved playing Shelby and I would love to someday play Snow White or the Evil Queen from the musical Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, or Gypsy Rose Lee from the musical Gypsy. I love the rush of performing, the friends you make along the way, and the sense of accomplishment you feel once you’re finished. Fairport’s Drama Club has such a special place in my heart and I have had so much fun making magic and performing with my best friends. I am grateful for where I’m at and excited for where I’m going. I hope to study journalism in college then live in New York City and write reviews for Broadway shows. I also participate in Fairport’s marching and concert band, I dance at FDA, I attend the Diamond Regional Institute, I spend a lot of time writing and baking, I plan to take part in community theatre, and I horseback ride and spend time with my pets, family, and friends in my freetime. I have always been very involved in the arts and in theatre and nothing has made me happier. I don’t think I will ever want to stop.

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