Marching, Concert & Jazz Band

Bands At Fariport Harding MS/HS

    There are three different bands at the Harding MS/HS.
    - HS Band, which is open to students in grades 7-12.  This group makes up the Marching Band in the fall and the Concert Band in the spring.  In order to be in this group, you have to demonstrate sufficient skill at their instrument and reading music, as well as mastery of basic and intermediate concepts.
    - Intermediate Band, which is almost all 6th grade.  Typically, these kids are second-year students who started in 5th grade. But if someone who's older wants to join the band and has no experience, this is the band they would have to join.
    - Jazz Band, which meets after school three days a week.  Anyone who is in the HS band is eligible for this group.
    The band typically plays during graduation and annually, for Memorial Day, we'll be performing at the park and cemetery for the different services that morning. We also play during the Fairport Mardi Gras Parade annually. 

Memorial Day 2019 Marching Band

Band Camp 2019-2020

  • Band Camp 2019-2020 was a huge success, thank you to everyone who made it possible!

Marching Band Disney 2017-2018

  • Watch a few videos below of our Marching Band performing at Greig Field on Alumni Night! (9-15-17)

    Fairport Skipper Marching Band performing Bang, Bang - 9-15-17

    Fairport Skipper Marching Band performing Handclap- 9-15-17


    Any student interested in joining marching band should contact Mr. Ruzin at