School Volunteers

  • The district has created a volunteer process that all volunteers must follow in order to participate as a volunteer. Please read the documents provided carefully.

    To ensure the safety of our students and staff, volunteers MUST complete the new Volunteer Application packet and be APPROVED by the Board Office BEFORE you can begin your volunteer assignment.

    Here is some information on how to complete the volunteer application packet:

    • Request a Volunteer Packet from the school office.
    • Read the Volunteer Handbook thoroughly. The handbook is available in the school office.
    • Complete the Volunteer Application
      • Page one provides basic information about your and your volunteer interests.
      • Pages 2 & 3 provide information about any past or current criminal or civil offenses. It also gives permission for the district to conduct a background check.
      • Please remember to sign and date this form.
      • Review your forms.
    • Provide a Copy of Driver’s License and attach one current copy of your driver's license, or other photo ID that includes your legal name and date of birth.
    • Once you have completed the application process you will be able to volunteer for the schools. We will provide you with opportunities to volunteer in various capacities.