What Our Parents & Students Are Saying....

  • Parents love open enrollment at Fairport Schools!


    • We chose McKinley because it offered full-day kindergarten, we stayed because we fell in love with the school, teachers, students and all of the opportunities offered to our student.

    • My daughter has enjoyed her year at McKinley Elementary.  She hopes to continue her education at Fairport Schools for a great education and familiar faces.  She never wants to leave Fairport Schools because she loves her friends.

    • My student is succeeding in her academic career at McKinley Elementary, I love the small classrooms, the friendly staff gets to know the children and I love the small school atmosphere.

    • My students have excelled socially and academically at McKinley Elementary, I LOVE IT!

    • Our family has loved McKinley Elementary for the past two years, as parents we love that the teaching curriculum is educational but also teaches students life lessons and skills that will carry them throughout their life.  

    • It's a great feeling as a parent to send our child off to school every day and to know they are learning new things and in an environment that values their success!

    • I could not imagine my child at any other school than McKinley!  Our student has excelled and has amazing teachers that teach a curriculum that shows there is always more to learn.  

    • I absolutely LOVE McKinley School, it's that simple!

    • We love the experience here at McKinley in its entirety!

    • Our student has made many great friends, and staff personal relationships, we never want that to change.  We like that our student is a person with a name and not just a body or number blending in with hundreds of other students.  We like the personal touch McKinley puts on each student academic and social success.

    • There is no other school that can compare to McKinley, our student loves it and every teacher has been amazing and helps each student reach their potential.

    • Our child has flourished academically since attending McKinley, she looks forward to going to school and has made many great friends.  She is really looking forward to continuing her education at Harding next year.

    • Our student has been making excellent grades, learned valuable skills and has participated in several programs at McKinley.  

    • We chose Fairport Schools for more opportunity for individual instruction, and a better quality academic environment.

    • Our student has been enrolled at Fairport Schools for several years, she is happy, kind and loves to read.  She gets good grades and wants to be a scientist. She looks forward to school and is flourishing in Fairport.  We love McKinley.

    • My husband and some of his family graduated from Fairport.  He wants his son to enjoy the small close community and schools are small and the teachers work closely with the students.  Our son has had a great year.