• Local Professional Development Committee 

    Purpose: The purpose of the LPDC is to promote professional development. The committee is to review, approve, and monitor professional growth activities for license renewal. The activities will serve to improve student learning, enable the educator to progress toward individual professional goals, and be in alignment with the strategic plan of the district.
    Step-By-Step Instructions

    1.     Make sure the Central Office has a copy of your current license.

    2.     Complete a new IPDP GOAL SHEET once you receive your new license. This goal sheet should be completed and submitted to the LPDC for approval AFTER the issue date on your license and BEFORE any professional development that will be applied toward your renewal.

    3.     Begin attending professional development that relates to the goals written on your IPDP. Keep track of your professional developments on the Professional Development Log.

    4.     The LPDC can approve course hours or CEUs as they are completed of during the school year that the license is to be renewed. To have course hours of CEUs approved, a copy of your transcripts or CEU Certificates must accompany your professional development log for the LPDC to review.

    5.     After all your hours are approved, Go to the ODE website to renew your license. Sign into your SAFE account. Click on ODE CORE. Under My Educator Profile, click on My Credentials. Select the license you would like to renew and complete the application. You must pay for the application in order for it to be sent to the LPDC representative for a signature.

    6.     Check your educator profile in your SAFE account to ensure that your background check and fingerprints are up to date.

    All District LPDC Documents are located on GOOGLE DRIVE - Under SHARED WITH ME. 
    Click here for the link to the Activity Pre Approval Form (you will need to log in to your Fairport Google account to view the form)