McKinley Full Day Kindergarten

  • At McKinley Elementary we believe that kindergarten should raise the bar on student readiness! Our classes are designed to go beyond a basic structure of kindergarten, preparing our students to be successful learners and citizens. We strive to develop social and emotional skills that allow scholars to flourish as contributing members in the school community from the very beginning of their educational journey. Kindergärtners are challenged through a rigorous, differentiated and print-rich environment that is structured to develop all the skills students need for early literacy.


    What is the schedule for Kindergarten Phase in?
    *TBD due to Covid-19* Please see Safe Harbor Restart plan or contact Principal Fischer at for more information. 

    Why Phase In?
    Many schools phase in their kindergarten class to provide students time to adjust to the many new rules and routines they will encounter their first week of school. This year we selected a phase in to ensure a positive, strong start for our littlest Skippers!