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  • McKinley Elementary prides itself on data driven decision-making. Analyzing student learning allows us to be responsive to student need and to provide uniquely individualized instruction. Please read below to learn more about our building data.

    iReady Student Assessment Tool

    Adaptive assessments, like i-Ready® Diagnostic, leverage advanced technology to provide a deep, customized evaluation of every student and to track student growth and performance consistently and continuously over a student’s entire K–12 career.

    By dynamically adapting based on student response patterns, adaptive assessments are able to derive large amounts of information from a limited number of test items. This allows the assessments to more accurately and more efficiently pinpoint students’ needs as compared to traditional fixed-form tests.

    Why do we use iReady?

    The i-Ready Diagnostic is backed by extensive validity research and consistently achieves industry-leading results when studied alongside rigorous assessments. Most recently, independent research showed i-Ready Diagnostic to be highly correlated with, and an accurate predictor of results for the state assessments. New research based on data from over four million students across the country who took the i-Ready Diagnostic during the 2016–2017 school year finds that students who used i-Ready Instruction experienced greater learning gains than those who did not use the program.