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  • Dear Skipper Families,

    In Fairport Harbor, student safety is always our top priority. When our region receives a blast of winter weather it is often accompanied questions about school closing in the event of dangerous conditions.

    The decision regarding school closures begins early and involves multiple factors:

    • Weather and radar reports
    • Reports from school and village personnel
    • Input and discussions with superintendents from neighboring districts

    Parents can always choose to keep their children home if they truly feel there is a weather-related safety risk. These absences will be recorded as excused, with make-up work provided to the student, if the Superintendent designates the day as a Severe Weather Day in the school district.

    Please do not hesitate to contact the district if you require additional information in this regard.


    Domenic Paolo, Ph.D.


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  • FHS
    At FHEVS, we place a high value on empathy and character education in a collaborative, inclusive and diverse learning environment.  We strive to ensure that all our students feel welcome, supported and valued. For more information, please read our LETTER from Superintendent Dr. Paolo.
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  • IC

    Need help accessing Infinite Campus? Please contact the school office for your special access code to create your parent account.


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  • J. Luster

    Congrats! Mr. Luster is the 2017 Franklin B. Walter outstanding educator recipient. Thank you for all you do for our students and faculty.

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  • Attention:

    Fairport Skippers

    Dear Parents, Please download and read our Parent Emergency Notification and School Closing Procedures. If you have any questions, please contact the main office. Thank you.

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  • Inspiring Excellence 2017

    Inspiring Excellence - Hamilton Awards 2017 - Congratulations to all of our recipients. 

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    Excited to learn more about the

    FHEVS Building Project?

    Click Here for an Informational Flyer!

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Upcoming Events

  • Principal Advisory Council - Thursday, January 18, 2018

    Principal Advisory Council - Thursday, January 18, 2018

    What? Principal Advisory Council is comprised of parent representatives from each school. They meet with the principals and other district staff on a monthly basis during the school year to discuss a variety of topics, share information and broaden understanding of school-related issues.

    Where? Harding High School Cafeteria

    When? Monthly - Next Meeting: January 18, 2018 @ 6 pm

    -Identify common needs and goals among the parents of students enrolled in Fairport Harbor School and facilitate strategies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their respective school’s parent organizations.
    -Provide the principals with feedback and insight from the parent’s perspective
    -Bring to the principal’s attention existing and emerging issues expressed by parents at the school they represent.
    -Serve as an advisory, not a decision-making body, that makes recommendations, encourages brainstorming and provides opportunities for parent involvement on committees and task forces.
    -Facilitate communication between and among the parents and parent organizations from different district schools
    -Serve as a forum for sharing innovations and best practices from around the district.

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  • Fairport Harbor Schools Shadowing Day 2018 - Feb. 2, 2018

    Fairport Harbor Schools Shadowing Day 2018 - Feb. 2, 2018

    Please join us for Shadowing Day on Feb. 2, 2018.

    Please RSVP to the Fairport Harbor Board of Education Office by Jan. 26, 2018.

    Parents are welcome before and after school to attend an informational meeting about Fairport Harbor Schools.

    We hope you will join us!

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FHEVS in Recent News

  • Fairport Harding students get glimpse into university life

    Fairport Harding students get glimpse into university life

    By Jonathan Tressler, The News-Herald

    POSTED: 12/18/17, 3:30 PM EST

    Picture Caption: Fairport Harding High School senior Olivia Hulett asks a question Dec. 18 inside the school’s auditorium, where a discussion panel made up of college-student children of a number of Fairport Schools’ employees shared their college experiences with high-school students, giving them food for thought about their own plans for college. Jonathan Tressler — The News-Herald

    Ten college students, ranging from freshmen to those pursuing graduate degrees, appeared on stage in the Fairport Schools’ auditorium Dec. 18 in front of an audience of high-school kids contemplating college themselves.

    Dubbed Student-to-Student: Navigating the College Process, its 10 panelists had one thing in common: They’re all children of teachers in the Fairport Schools.

    High School Intervention Specialist Jerry Hites is one of the people behind the panel and said he’s happy with how it played out.

    “I thought it went great,” he said following the 45-minute, interactive discussion, during which high-school students thinking about continuing their education at the college level got to hear the experiences of people in a similar age bracket who have gone on scholastically themselves.

    The panelists included Allyson Barlow, who attends Stevenson University; Allegheny College student Lauren Bodi; Ashland University student Kenzie Fischer; Caleb Hites, who goes to Alderson Broaddus University; Colin Hites, a student at Hillsdale College; Wittenberg University student Corey Hites; Kent State University student Sarah Kazsmer; Karissa Messer, who attends West Virginia University; Ryan Messer, who studies at Ohio State University; and Miami University of Ohio student Elizabeth Tenon.

    The group talked about everything from how early in high school, aspiring collegians need to start making plans and doing paperwork, to how to manage their time and the varying options for sports enthusiasts to play on a team.

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  • For first time in history of program, Lubrizol Corp. awards STEM Teacher of Year Award to team

    For first time in history of program, Lubrizol Corp. awards STEM Teacher of Year Award to team

    Pictured in the Back Row: Teachers Tim Hlousek, Russ Messer, Jerry Hites, Paul Conn, Susan Tenon, Lubrizol's Chris Cioli, Front Row: Lubrizol's Doris Behnke and Teacher Sheila Felix

    By Jonathan Tressler, The News-Herald
    POSTED: 12/19/17, 7:25 PM EST

    A team of Fairport Harding High School teachers won an award from the Lubrizol Corp. Dec. 18 for the work it put into the district’s design lab.

    The honor comes with a $10,000 check the school can use to up the ante with its design lab and individualized learning program, dubbed Hooked on Education, Fairport Schools confirm.

    According to Cynthia Clair, administrative assistant to Superintendent Domenic Paolo, the teachers who won the award are lead science, technology, engineering and math teacher Russ Messer, along with team STEM teachers Paul Conn, Sheila Felix, Jerry Hites, Tim Hlousek, Sarah Murphey and Susan Tenon.

    Aside from the fact that this is the first time Lubrizol Corp. recognized a team, as opposed to a single teacher, in is award-giving, Paolo said he’s just plain proud of the fact that his school system is on the cutting edge of the kind of personalized learning the district’s design lab and its teachers nurture.

    Click the image to read the rest of the article from the News-Herald.

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  • Fairport basketball: Corey Paugh shooting to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters

    Fairport basketball: Corey Paugh shooting to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters

    By Nate Barnes, The News-Herald

    POSTED: 12/14/17, 12:30 PM EST | UPDATED: 15 HRS AGO

    Corey Paugh averaged almost 13 points per game and made 56 total 3-pointers as a junior for Fairport last season.

    Before his senior season, the Skippers’ sharpshooting guard wanted to put his talents to use for a cause.

    Paugh teamed with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Ohio to raise money with donations from local businesses and members of the Fairport community.

    “I kind of just wanted to give to a program to help them out,” Paugh said, “get the name out and stuff. Me and my parents were talking about it, it sounded like a good idea.”

    Before the winter season began, Paugh secured donations of $1 or $2 for each 3-pointer made.

    Paugh said his goal is to raise $1,000, and he hopes to make between 50 and 60 3-pointers once again this season.

    “I’ve been working on my overall game,” Paugh said. “I’m trying to get high numbers up there, but focus on everything also.”

    Paugh said he previously had not worked with any charities or community service organizations, which was part of his motivation to work with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

    “We just kind of found a nice organization to help out,” Paugh said. “They were willing to cooperate with us and get their name out, I found out it was a good way to get it out.”

    You can donate to Corey's cause and support Big Brothers Big Sisters at all home varsity games at the ticket table. If you can't attend, but you would like to help donate to this cause, please contact Head Boys Basketball Coach Matt Cardina @ mcardina@fhevs.org or Activities Director Sandra Knight @ sknight@fhevs.org.

    Good luck to Corey - we wish you sharp shooting this season!

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  • Positive feedback makes suspension a last resort at 108 newly honored schools

    Positive feedback makes suspension a last resort at 108 newly honored schools

    Updated Dec 10; Posted Dec 10
    By Patrick O'Donnell, The Plain Dealer


    MANSFIELD, Ohio - Not all schools in Ohio are using suspensions as the primary way of managing student behavior.

    The state awarded "medals" to 108 schools Thursday in a ceremony and conference in Mansfield for leading the way in adopting proactive and positive school culture and discplinary systems known as Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).

    Under a 2013 state policy, districts should avoid harsh punishments, when possible, and instead adopt use "systemic and individualized positive strategies to reinforce desired behaviors, diminish reoccurrences of challenging behaviors and teach appropriate behavior to students."

    Suspensions still remain at these schools, as do other serious consequences for bad behavior.


    Michelle Nizen, the academic coach at McKinley Elementary in Fairport Harbor, another gold medal winner from Northeast Ohio, said the approach makes students confront the negative feelings that drive bad behavior and look at the causes.
    "It's teaching the kids skills to deal with whatever it is (causing them problems)," Nizen said as she also taught her school's system to other districts Thursday. "If you're angry, why are you angry -- what made you angry?"

    Though teachers, she said, may have to teach students how to deal with tough emotion, it's worth it.

    "It is very powerful and transformative for the behavior of the student," she said.

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  • Second Annual Hooked on Education Fish Fry

    Second Annual Hooked on Education Fish Fry

    November 28, 2017

    The Personalized Learning Initiative Program, Hooked On Education, hosted their 2nd Annual Fish Fry on November 28th, 2017 with the fish they caught during research and development of their lure project.

    The students that work in the Community Garden provided the tomatoes for the Homegrown Fried Green Tomatoes. They planted, harvested, canned and then breaded and fried them for everyone who attended the fish fry.

    Miss Felix and Dr. Allen's Chemistry students spent a day at the Fairport Senior Center Kitchen measuring, kneading and baking bread that was served at the dinner - it was enjoyed by everyone!

    A huge thank you to Joe Longo of Longo's Catering To You (info@cater-to-you.com) for bringing his food truck to fry all of the fish and provide french fries and cole slaw. Your participation and donation were greatly appreciated.

    We couldn't have had a successful event without Captain Dave Hall of Top Flight Fishing (Dave@topflightfishing.com). He was on hand at the fish fry to discuss his adventures with the students on Lake Erie. Thank You, Captain Dave!

    Jerry Hites and family generously provided the big pot of Clam Chowder and smoked the trout for the event. Everything was delicious.

    Chris Yano at the Fairport Harbor Senior Center went over and above the call of duty to help us make this event a huge success. She helped out and was exactly where we needed her when we needed her. Thank you to all of the seniors who helped out and to those that came to spend the evening with us.

    The Fairport Harbor Board of Education would like to thank everyone who helped make this evening a success. The students enjoyed interacting with the community. If you missed it this year, we hope you will join us next year. Thank you again to all who attended and volunteered at the Second Annual Hooked on Education Fish Fry.

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Student Spotlight

  • Winners from the Fall Fair Poet Contest Announced - December 15, 2017

    Winners from the Fall Fair Poet Contest Announced - December 15, 2017

    Congratulations to our 2017 Fall Fair Poet Winners:

    High School - Grades 9-12
    1st Place - Rylie Erb
    2nd Place - Victoria Palmer
    3rd Place - Breanna Cremeans

    Middle School - Grades 6-8
    1st Place - Owen Meacham
    2nd Place - Samantha Collins
    3rd Place - Samantha Yowell

    To read all of the poems by the Fair Poet Finalists, please click the image to the left!

    Grades 6-8 Fair Poet Finalists (Left to Right) (Top Picture)
    Morgan Braemer Grade 8 “Lost”
    Samantha Yowell Grade 7 “The Beauty of Technology”
    Samantha Collins Grade 8 “Mask of Lies”
    Owen Meacham Grade 7 “Cassini”
    Mia King Grade 7 “Record and Watch”

    Grades 9-12 Fair Poet Finalists (Left to Right) (Bottom Picture)
    Jesus Chavez Grade 12 “Mi Poesia!”
    Victoria Palmer Grade 11 “Dystopia”
    Angie Gutekunst Grade 11 “Technology (Click, Click, Click)”
    Breanna Cremeans Grade 10 “Technology (It’s Popular)”
    Rylie Erb Grade 10 “Why me?”

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  • Patriot's Pen Essay Winners - December 15, 2017

    Patriot's Pen Essay Winners - December 15, 2017

    Congratulations to our Patriot's Pen Essay Winners:

    1st place: Morgan Braemer
    2nd place: Emily Luke
    3rd place: Natalie Gladding

    Representatives from the VFW Post 7754 came to present awards to each of these students for their winning essays. Commander Kalal, President of the Essay Contests Mr. Sherwood and VFW Secretary Janet Merrick were here at the school to present awards.

    The theme for this year's contest was: America's Gift to My Generation.

    There were just over 70 essays submitted from grades 6-8 from just Fairport Harding Jr. High to the local VFW Post 7754. Mrs. Merrick shared the great news that 8th grader Morgan Braemer's first-place essay has placed third in the district and has moved on to the state competition.

    We wish Morgan Braemer the best as her essay advances to the next round of judging and are very proud of her accomplishments!!

    Congrats again to all of our essay winners.

    Click the image to read the winning essays!

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  • Voice of Democracy Winners - December 15, 2017

    Voice of Democracy Winners - December 15, 2017

    Congratulations to our Voice of Democracy Winners

    1st place: Maya Hess
    2nd place: Adam Wilson
    3rd place: Angie Gutekunst

    Just under 50 high school students competed in the Voice of Democracy speech contest this year. Students in grades 9-12 had to write a speech and then record it. Auburn Career Center's IMT students came to Fairport earlier in October and then created the audio recordings on CDs for our students to submit to the Fairport VFW.

    Thank you to all who participated and shared their opinions on America's Future!

    Well done to our three high school speech winners!

    Around September of next school year, please be on the lookout for next year's annual VFW Voice of Democracy contest and be sure to submit yours!

    Click the image to read the winning speeches!

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  • Harding High School Band Members perform at Painesville Exchange Club Luncheon - Dec. 11, 2017

    Harding High School Band Members perform at Painesville Exchange Club Luncheon - Dec. 11, 2017

    On December 11, 2017, Fairport Harding High School Band Members performed at the Painesville Exchange Club Luncheon. They performed several holiday songs. The Fairport Band provided beautiful music for the Painesville Exchange Club's December 11th meeting at Hellriegels. About 15 Fairport students attended the luncheon under the direction of Band Director Chris Ruzin. The Painesville Exchange Club provides scholarships to students in the Fairport Harbor, Perry, Painesville, Riverside districts each year. If you are senior, be sure to check our website for updates on the Exchange Club scholarship form in the spring.

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  • ALPHA Project - Authentic Learning Personalized for Higher Achievement - Dec. 11 and Dec. 12, 2017

    ALPHA Project - Authentic Learning Personalized for Higher Achievement - Dec. 11 and Dec. 12, 2017

    Students from multiple school districts in Ohio came together to think outside of the box and brainstorm ideas to bring change. The ALPHA Project, Authentic Learning Personalized for Higher Achievement, wants students to tackle something they feel is an issue and set a workable plan in place. All groups will be showcasing their projects in the Spring.

    Harding Jr. High School Students accepted into this program are using the design learning process along with students from Chardon, Fairport Harbor, and Yellow Springs School districts. Working together with these school districts, a problem will be identified followed by the creation of a plan to implement a solution. This project offers high school credit as a credit flex course that meets at various times determined by the group. There was an initial, two-day face-to-face kick-off meeting on December 11 and 12 where our students met other students from the other schools at Perry High School. This project allows for strengthening leadership, problem-solving, teamwork and presentation skills.

    Please contact Mrs. Rumbarger at Harding with any questions. 440-354-5400 or krumbarger@fhevs.org

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  • Harding Chemistry Students Bake Bread for the 2nd Annual Fish Fry - November 28, 2017

    Harding Chemistry Students Bake Bread for the 2nd Annual Fish Fry - November 28, 2017

    Student Writer: Mark Wilmes

    Several students from Harding took a field trip to the Fairport Harbor Senior Citizen Center to investigate the relationship between chemistry and baking. The purpose of the lab was to observe chemical reactions in action by taking measurements of the oxygen being used and carbon dioxide being produced as the yeast metabolize the sugars present in the dough, along with baking the bread and testing it out for themselves. They used multiple different sugars, such as honey, agave extract, aspartame, sucralose and more. The dough was then sealed in an airtight container to let it rise and let the yeast eat up some sugars, while an oxygen and a carbon dioxide probe measured the amount of each gas being consumed or produced, respectively. After all the work was done, the students then indulged in the fruits of their labor. The bread the students made was also served at the Fish Fry Dinner at the Senior Citizen Center hosted by the Design Lab.

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  • 20/20 Trip Provides an Annual Academic Opportunity for Fairport Juniors and Sophomores to tour colleges in Ohio

    20/20 Trip Provides an Annual Academic Opportunity for Fairport Juniors and Sophomores to tour colleges in Ohio

    This past year's 20/20 Trip allowed the top 20 juniors and 20 sophomores to visit some of Ohio's colleges. This year the tour included stops at six colleges including Hiram, Youngstown, Ashland, Kent State, Akron, and Baldwin Wallace. The students attended this trip prior to Thanksgiving Break on November 20-21, 2017. Click to read more about what the student's experienced on their 20/20 trip!

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